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What ages can throw axes?

You must be aged 14 or above to throw axes. Sorry to all you young people but those are the rules.

How do I book the Smokehouse BBQ restaurant for after axe throwing?

When you book axe throwing, you automatically get a table reserved in our Smokehouse BBQ restaurant! We wouldn't want you missing out on any of that goodness now would we?

How long do axe throwing sessions last?

Axe throwing sessions last for 75 minutes. That should be long enough for you and your friends to decide who's the axe throwing champion!  

What does axe throwing session involve?

When you start your axe throwing session, one of our axe coaches will guide you through everything you need to know so that you can throw consistently and turn from novice to pro. After that, there will be a play off competition to crown the best axe thrower of the group!

Do you have vegetarian and vegan options?

We most definitely do! See our menu to browse all the options!