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Real Axe - Bar & Smokehouse

Connecting people & creating memories

Great for singles, doubles or killer for upto 10, running round like headless chickens, either way a bunch of fun.

Table Tennis x 4

Group datrs play killer, cricket, 301, 501, around the world. If you like make it even more fun and add 5 ft to your throwing distance. You get 2 boards per party of 6+

Darts x 4

Great party game played as singles, doubles or round the clock for larger groups, hope you like beer :)

Beer Pong x 3

Massive in the USA throw beenbags at your oponents cornhole, land the board for 1point in the hole for 3. Wonder if you could make a drinking game out of this?

Cornhole x 2

In Sweeden they have national championships with this game its like air hockey meets Subbuteo highly addictive and loads of fun.

Klask x 2

Doesnt get simpler (or more frustrating than this) great for big groups. hit your nail once and pass the hammer, whoever sinks the nail first is champ.

Hammer Slammer x1

Sinple, fun, massive and noisey. May need to stand on the table to finish this one.

Giant Jenga

Shake the dice and close the numbers, when you cant close any numbers after a roll, thats your score, onto the next player. The aim is to score as low as possible.

Shut The Box x 5

Great for inventing your own play your cards right game or just playing a wacky game of gin rummie or 21 with these giant cards

Play Your Cards Right x 4