Dec & Jan Crazy Savings & Fun

January Prices AXED - December Win £50


Mad Axe Elimination £5

Every Fri  - Win £50

If this doesn't get your adrenaline racing, nothing will. You pay just £5 for your entry wristband (limited to 100 each Fri), then straight into competing with a randomly selected opponent.


3 practice throws followed by 5 scoring throws. Whoever wins proceeds, the loser doesn't, until we have one winner who scoops the £50 bar tab, and bragging rights at the bar for the night.

Feeling competitive? Buy your Entry now.

No limitations, play every week!


1 Hour Axes Session £10pp

Every Sat & Sun In Jan

Absolute madness, we have axed our January prices from £24 to just £10 for every Saturday and Sunday in January! If that wasn't enough, the max lane size is reduced to 8 for more throwing time.


Single and double handed training and practice - followed by several head to head scoring games. Click the button above for session times and dates - You'd be crazy to miss this offer. (Booking needs to be made by 22nd December)

Book single / social tickets or lanes of 8 now, before they all go.

Don't fancy throwing axes?

Then book a  table at the  bar / smokehouse and watch those that do.

ABOUT Real Axe

One of the fastest growing sports and nights out in America is soon going to be available local to you in Dunscar - The thrill of throwing an axe at a target 15 feet away and getting it to stick for the first time is second to none. Each 90 Minute session consists of safety training, Single and double handed coaching followed by lots of practice, and then a competition between you and up to 9 others -