Real Axe Public Games Bar & Smokehouse
Open to the public - No need to throw axes firs

Meet Our Pitmaster

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My name is John Beard and put simply my life = food. 

Working my way up through the ranks in the restaurant trade for many years I started my journey as the humble pot wash. I moved through the sections and years later began my role as Nationwide Chief Pitmaster and head of Quality Control for Reds True Barbecue, I then progressed to BBQ and restaurant consultancy further afield. Area manager and Chief Pitmaster for Longhorns BBQ chain then menu and kitchen redesign for a Local Latin American restaurant. I was then tasked to build from literally the ground up a brand new restaurant to be named Porky's BBQ in Newcastle which is now a thriving smokehouse.

I have studied, visited and immersed myself within the culture of various Countries over the years in an effort to truly understand the cuisines and the people that made them so. Spanning from Brazil to New Zealand, the States to India and many in-between I have had the honor to compete in the World BBQ Championship in Houston Texas, Cater for American Memorial day celebrations, Take regular road trips around the States in search of wonderful new foods, study traditional Indian Cuisine in family homes in Delhi, Ragasthan and Kerala, undergo years of Italian cookery study and visits to various regions of Italy to understand what makes the perfect Ragu and many other demonstrations, festivals and competitions across the globe.

My opinion is that the only reason people dislike certain foods is simply due to the fact that have not had said foods prepared in the way that is correct for them.....That’s where I am more than happy to step in and help broaden their culinary horizons where I can. Food can touch people’s lives in so many ways and I set out to do that very thing in every way I possibly can.

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