We are members of the "World Axe Throwing League", and will be forming a league & introducing competitive axe throwing in 2020


Real Axe Opening & Throwing Times

Urban Axe Throwing & BBQ

Fire & Smoke:- BBQ Smokehouse: OPENING SOON TO ALL

You don't need to be an axe thrower to visit our smokehouse and bar, simply rock up to unit 12a, grab a tray, queue up and tell the pit-master what low and slow cooked BBQ you would like with your sides. then grab a seat and either watch the axe throwers while you tuck into your authentic BBQ or simply listen to the canteen playlist.

-Authentic USA BBQ, served the traditional way. We are looking to open the canteen before December 2019 - Download the app to receive LIVE updates (Download HERE)

Smokehouse is on track to open on the 22nd November, opening times to follow.

Axe Throwing Session Times

Below are session times you can book online: HOWEVER if you would like a time & day which isn't listed contact us by using our Out of Hours (OOH) and Corporate page

(Click Here)


Thursday Sessions start at 17:00 & 18:45 - £19pp

Friday Sessions Start at 16:15 &  18:00 - £24pp

Saturday Sessions start at 11.00am,12:45, 14.30, 16:15, 18.00 - £24pp

& Sunday Sessions start at  11.00am,12:45, 14.30, 16:15, 18.00 - £19pp